Development / Real estate

We are one of the few in the Czech Republic who are actively developing a specialized editorial system for the sale and rental of real estate. We design, program and optimize developer websites and real estate portals with the ability to easily manage content using our own content management system.

We will help you with the creation of a new logo, create a modern graphic design for your new website and prepare professional visualizations of the planned project. The implementation of the site includes advanced analytics, connection of an editorial system for easy content management (apartment cards, stages, statuses, object interactivity) including modern features. We will register a new domain and ensure quality operation of the new website.

Real Estate web development

We are one of the few in the Czech Republic who are actively developing a special editorial system for the sale and rental of real estate. We design, program and optimize development portals, real estate websites with the possibility of easy management of the content of housing cards using our own editorial system.

What is the price of new website?

The main indicator of the price of a new website is its scope. First of all, it is the total number of page types, which must be designed by a graphic designer, styled by a coder and made operational by a programmer. Fundamental to the price of the work is the range of the number of pages, flats and floors that must be filled to make the view interactive. Each flat card is linked to the content management system so that the information on the site can be easily changed. The site includes a 321 CMS Content Management System for easy management of the complete content (menus, pages, news, articles, photos, contact forms, apartment cards, price lists) and settings accessible to any number of users.

Services for developers

  • design of the project logo/visual identity
  • 3D visualization of the exterior
  • graphic design of apartment cards
  • design of the structure and intuitive navigation of the website (UI, UX)
  • creative concept / graphic design / typographic solution
  • HTML / PHP / CSS / MySQL programming
  • creation of language mutations of the website
  • providing complete translations, web hosting and domains
  • SEO optimization for search engines
  • accessibility and traffic analysis
  • updating and content management
  • marketing consultancy / sales support
  • website integration with real estate systems



  • Gradually launch the project phases
  • Insert and edit details of apartments/houses/land to be sold
  • Edit project progress
  • Locate the project using GPS - by inserting coordinates from Google maps
  • View/hide individual units
  • Link the website to the project's social networks
  • Add project videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms
  • Edit project pricing
  • Add individual unit parameters
  • Insert PDF cards of apartments/houses/land
  • Enter real-time status of units

...and much more as you explore the administration.


  • Easy to add articles and news
  • Ability to add and edit menu items
  • Filtering by article category
  • Possibility of basic design modifications of elements - background color, width of elements,...
  • Edit contact forms
  • Ability to add and edit site pages
  • Easy editing of the content of the elements on the website pages
  • Inserting images and videos
  • Ability to edit the order and position of elements on the page
  • Intuitive system for adding and deleting content using predefined items


"A great advantage of our 321 DEVELOPER editorial system is the ability to add and extend customized features. The entire system is actively improved based on each project we carry out."

- Martin Kotas, CEO 321 Creative Crew s.r.o.

Phase 1 - Preparation


By whole process of cooperation you will be lead by our project manager, who will ensure smooth process of realization. Whole project of the new website will be disscussed on personal meeting or by form of conferencial call.

Project assignment

You will introduce us your project and tell us what are yours expectations from the new website. We will suggest ideal solution. Together we will settle up the extent of the website and technical solution.

Web extent basic analysis

In this step we focus on the analysis of websites extent – sitemap (map of pages), that will define total amount of page types. Since it is not possible to define end price of the project without specific assignment, we always try to analyze web extent (amount of pages, apartments, houses, phases, categories, contact forms, etc.) and using that create simple and clear structure of the pages for intuitive customers’ navigation. The analysis will define web extent and technical complexity, that is affecting the price.

Price offer

Main indicator of the web price is its extent – map of the website. Specifically it is about total amount of page types, that graphic designer has to design, encoder to encode and programmer make it functional and connect it with the CMS Editorial system. 
The price is reduced automatically in case of small extent of the website and vice versa. That is the reason why we strongly recommend don’t understimate the first phase of the project which is web extent analysis, so please pay attention to this.

Schedule of the price offer

- Analyzing the project 
- Sitemap / Designing the sitemap
- Wireframe (raw model) / Creating interactive web structure

- Logo graphic design and the basic visual style setting of the project
- Homepage graphic design
- Inner pages graphic design / apartments cards
- Responsive design / mobile web
- HTML/CSS encoding
- Programming work
- 321 CMS Editorial system (connection)
- Filling the web content
- Launch web on the server

Contract for work including terms schedule

After price offer confirmation, we will send you proposal of contract for work including attachements with work specification, time schedule, particular deadlines and technical specification.

Invoicing 1/3

Once the contract is signed, it will be automatically generated proforma invoice with one third of total amount of project. As soon as the payment is credited to our account the realization of new website starts.

Phase 2 - Design

Connecting project with the 321 Intranet

Complete communication with deadlines, we carefully archive in our project system, to which you have continual access. Using intranet you can communicate with us, share documents and inform us about particular corrections.

Documents handover from customer’s side

The basis of success of each development project realization is collection of all necessary documents.

The most important are:
- Company logo in vectors including logo manual + another logos, that should appear on the website
- Complete text documents (txt. doc.)
- Project visualization, pictures, photographs and documents for download (jpg., png.) ideally in high definition, which are used for interactive SVG and for navigation within the house
- Apartment cards with floor plans of the apartment in curves
- Floor plans in curves
- Standards in PDF
- Complete and final price list version

All those documents, that we will not receive from your side, we will be happy to ensure on our own. We just would like you to know that other additionally obtained documents will affect the deadline and also the final price of the project.


Project analysis

Once we collect all necessary documents, we will start detailed analysis of the project.

We are usually focused on:
 - Documents analysis / extent
- Current solution analysis
- Accessibility analysis
- Target group analysis
- Converse definition / conversion ways
- Competition analysis


Web structure

We will suggest an ideal web structure (diagram – spider layout of pages map), as the result of our analysis, which will determine total extent of the new project and main menu. Once the structure is confirmed, we will start to design the wireframe (raw prototype of the website).


To meet all requirements of conversion goals, it is necessary to design ideal structure of the new website. It is important to think about it before we will start work on graphic design. Significant advantage of the wireframe is that we can make a lot of changes there very easily, because it is interactive prototype of website (functional website without graphics).

Graphic design

Graphic web design contains complete process of graphic design and 3 original homepages. Basic graphic style for other pages, banners design, following symbols, overview of pictures, products and outputs, editing documents and size of pictures, size editing and colorfulness of logotypes, is based on the ideal chosen version. 

- Homepage graphic design
/ corrections / confirmation
- Inner sides graphic design
/ corrections / confirmation
- Icons, contact forms graphic design
/ corrections / confirmation
- Responsive design graphic proposal
/ corrections / confirmation

Invoicing 2/3

If you are satisfied with our design, the invoice with second third of total amount follows.

Phase 3 - Realization


HTML/CSS Encoding

After agreement of graphic design, follows frontend encoding, what means make the graphics movable into interactive interface.  This part is the most time consuming.

Encoding is optimized for these browsers:
- Internet Explorer 11
- MS Edge 14+
- Mozilla Firefox (actual version)
- Google Chrome (actual version)
- Apple Safari (iOS 9.3+), Android browser (Andorid 5+)

Included are also libraries Bootstrap, Media Queries, JavaScript, Framework jQuery


Commissioning of contact forms, linking interactive SVGs for intuitive movement within the house, floors and apartments, and special technical gadgets customized for each website.

Connection with CMS Editorial system 321 WEB

Editorial system is software, which serves as administration of content and creation of websites or blog. Editorial systems are used also as administration of posts, discussions, products, documents, comments, publishing pictures or videos. Via Editorial system it is optionally possible to determine rights to particular users.

As this software is developed by our programmers, we are able to edit and customize CMS Editorial system according to your requirements.
More information about functionality you can find here:

Content filling

We will fill the website by complete content including documents for download and all important information.

Responsive design

Responsive design ensures optimal display of websites on various devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.). It is necessary to count with the responsive design already during graphic designing, where priority elements will be determined for displaying on smaller screens.

Testing work

As soon as the websites are finished we are starting with testing work on our servers. We aim on functionality, intuitive navigation and we set important conversion and tracking codes for more comprehensive analysis.

Next we optimize speed of lodading and then we prepare website for commissioning.

Phase 4 - Commissioning

Servers accesses and DNS domains

Based on our experience we recommend collect all possible accesses already before the start of realization. Track down the owner of the domain including login details on the server is usually really time consuming. We ask you for sending us all accesses on FTP server including MySQL database. During establishment of professional hosting and new domains, we recommend use services on 

You can easily check the availability of free domain on 

Old web backup

In case of need, we can backup the old web.

Web commissioning on required domain

We will let go the new website into the world on old-new domain.

Check of analytical and measuring codes

We will check if all measuring and analytical codes are working and communicate with eg. Google Analytics as they should.

Invoicing 3/3

Last part is payment of last third of the total amount of the project.

Do you agree with the procedure
of the realization?