Logo design

Logo creation starts with a detailed analysis of the target group and ends with the final delivery of complete documentation including all output formats for easy work with the logo. We specialize in creating corporate and product logos that stand out for their simplicity, elegance and minimalism. Our main focus is on credibility and elegance. The price of creating a new logo (logotype) is based primarily on the scope and your requirements that need to be defined. The main factor in determining the final price is the number of required designs, the time required to create them and, above all, the number of graphic designers who will be dedicated to the job. The graphic design of the new brand is a more time-consuming matter and the deadline is up to 14 days.

Logo development


For closer imagination about process of our cooperation with you, we would like to write down each steps, which are based on the years of experience with creation of new logo.

So we could create the most suitable logo for you and unify the visual style, it is necessary to follow praticular consecutive steps. Especially collect documents regarding company, products, services, references and all possible information.


Phase 1 Preparation


By whole process of cooperation you will be lead by our project manager, who will ensure smooth process of realization. Whole project of the new logo will be disscussed on personal meeting or by form of conferencial call.

Project assignement

You will specify your requirements and tell us what are your expectations about new logo. We will suggest ideal solution. We will agree extent and technical solution together.

Price offer

Once we agree on the extent of realization, we will send you price offer with term of realization immediately. Price of the logo depends on difficulty (amount of designs, corrections and total amount of graphic designers, who are working on the contract). Next price indicator is extent of handed over manuals and documents preparation for logo´s trademark registration.

Contract for work

After agreement of price offer we will send you a proposal of contract for work including attachements with specification of work, time schedule, particular terms and technical specifications.

Realization term

Realization term

Terms of creation of new visual identity are usually set up as follows:

- Project analysis (4 days)

- Handmade sketch of symbol (3 days)

- Symbols vectorization (2 days)

- Choice of suitable typography (4 days)

- Internal team consultation (2 days)

- Graphic designs processing (4 days)

- Presentation preparation (2 days)

- Send a presentation

- Corrections and process of feedback (3 days)

- Preparation of documentation handover (3 days)

*listed are working days.

Invoicing 1/3

Once the contract is signed, it will be automatically generated proforma invoice with one third of total amount of the project. As soon as the payment is credited to our account the realization of new project starts. This amount serves also as sketch cost in case of tender.

Phase 2 – Realization

Connecting project with the 321 Intranet

Complete communication with deadlines, we carefully archive in our intranet, to which you have continual access. Using intranet you can communicate with us, share documents and inform us about particular corrections.


The basis of success of each project realization is collection of all necessary information about your company, as definition of target group, competition and coverage. If you would need to more specify some points, we will send you a project questionnaire.


Once we collect all necessary documents, we will start detailed analysis of the project.

We are usually focused on:

- Documents analysis / extent

- Company services and products analysis

- Target group analysis

- Competition analysis

Handmade sketches

Creation of the new logo is usually started by handmade sketches of logo symbol.

Logo vectorization into curves

Next step is vectorization of symbols.


Beside the size of the symbol we focus on others characteristics which distinguish different fonts. It depends on used font, but also on thickness, tilt and width of symbol.

Internal corrections When selecting the appropriate typography and teams internal corrections with the art director, we will develop graphic designs of the new logo.

According to the agreement the presentation takes place as personal meeting or eventually as interactive presentation in PDF.


Corrections and processing of feedback from your side.


If you are satisfied with concept and final output, we will issue the last invoice.

Phase 3 – Handover


You will receive complete pack from us with all possible formats of the new logo (ai, pdf, eps, png, jpg). Part of this is handover of license of priority use and documents preparation for registration request of trademark and basic logo manual, that consists of colourfulness CMYK, PANTONE, RGB, black and white variant, safe zone).

Complete data will be handed over on FLASH USB disc.

Logo registration

The price includes complete creation of logo including registration to the world logo bank “Brands of the World” and design of two derived logo variants, design of logotype including postscript (claim) and preparation of documents for registration of trademark.

Manuals preparation

Logo manual defines basic variants of logo use, colorfulness, font and all possibilities of manipulation and coordination with the brand. It serves for more punctual communication not only within company, but also for external suppliers of advertisement or advertising agency. It keeps exact brand awareness in relation to customers.

Design manual is primarily first step to systematic building uniform visual style. Correct usage of logo and corporate identity acts comprehensively on clients and also employees and thus ensure uniform performance, which builds professional image and trustworthiness of services and products.