To give you a better idea of the process of cooperation in SEO optimization, we would like to describe the individual steps based on years of experience.

Therefore, to be able to successfully optimize your website, it is necessary to follow the consecutive steps, which are divided into four individual parts.

Phase 1 - Cooperation

Cooperation and consultation Our seo consultant will guide you through the whole process of cooperation and ensure smooth implementation. He will discuss the complete process with you in a personal meeting or conference call.
Assignment and setting conversion goals You will present your project and tell us what you expect from us. We will propose a solution to meet your requirements and achieve an increase in website traffic through Google and Seznam search engines. We will also agree on the scope and technical solution.
Technical assessment Therefore, to be able to successfully optimize your project, its technical solution must be adapted and made available to our programmers and SEO consultants so that we can modify parts of the source code from which the site is created.

In 30% of cases the cooperation on the project is terminated due to the poor technical condition of the existing website (typical for cheaper websites programmed on custom platforms). This decision is based on the technical assessment of our programmers.
Price offer The main indicator of the cost of SEO optimization of a website is its scope. First and foremost, it is the total number of pages, products and setting conversion goals. A more detailed breakdown of the quote will be sent to you after the initial consultation.

A website that specializes in a specific market segment with a maximum reach of 500 accesses per month. You can check the scope of your website at www.xml-sitemaps.com
Contract for work (Public terms and conditions) After agreeing on the price offer, we will send you a draft contract for the work including attachments containing the specification of the work, individual terms and technical specifications.
Invoicing StartUP

One-time payment for SEO optimization (StartUP on page SEO) according to the current price list. The day of payment starts the complete implementation.

Phase 2 - StartUP
(on page seo)

SEO audit of existing solution SEO audit is performed only on sites where SEO has been set up in the past. SEO audit is one of the first steps that our SEO specialist will evaluate. Condition is that, you must submit your accesses to Google Analytics ideally with conversion metrics set up.
SEO keyword analysis We will prepare a keyword analysis based on the target audience and main conversions of the website, which will include monthly searches, competition and reach. Keyword analysis on a website helps to find out what words or phrases are used by common users when they search online. For analytics, we use tools Marketing Miner and Collabim.
SEO technical report analysis We develop a technical assessment that defines the main obstacles for search bots and specify the missing parameters that we recommend to add to the website. The SEO analysis technical report includes a proposed solution including a comprehensive assignment for the developer to correct and remove the obstacles.
Technical SEO Suggestions from the submitted SEO analysis must be incorporated into the source code by the programmer or through CMS (content management system).
Settings and changes check - web indexing including internal pages
- domain redirection/duplication
- title adjustment according to the table keyword analysis
- h1, h2, h3 and h4
- html header parameters
- description settings
- 301 redirection
- non-existent 404 page
- webmaster tools settings list
- webmaster tools google settings
- internal site prolication
- check robots.txt
- check sitemap.xml
- image size optimization
- site loading speed
- responsive site check
- analytics tools check
Content creation for SEO Without text, it won't work... We will suggest the ideal range of textual content that needs to be added to the website. For more specialized topics, the text is required by the client, for more general topics we give space to our copywriter.

Phase 3 - Linkbuilding
(off page)

Backlinks exchange Building backlinks is one of the most effective SEO techniques for increasing website traffic. Our goal is to place as many backlinks as possible that link to your website. However, their effectiveness depends on the thematic, content and field related websites on which the backlink is placed. If you use unnatural and unprofessional placement of backlinks (e.g. link farms), there is a risk of being penalized and thus your site will be removed from fulltext.

For this reason, we only use website created by us to exchange backlinks.
PR articles for SEO A paid form of linkbuilding that includes a short PR article with a link to the advertiser's website. PR articles for SEO include participation in discussion forums and commenting on articles, posts and advertisements.
Microsite creation In the case of a competitive environment, the potential of microsite websites is very often used. Microsite a onepage sites are specially designed small websites, functioning as a supplement to the main web presentation.

Phase 4 - Reporting

Traffic reporting - Google analytics Standard reporting on the SEO performance of a website is done through Google Analytics, which allows website owners to obtain statistical data on the number of visitors and users of their website. With this service, it is possible to track current and historical traffic, user behaviour and user characteristics. You will automatically receive a traffic report on the first day of the new month for the previous period.
Traffic reporting - keyword positions For analytics and efficiency evaluation in our projects we use tools such as Marketing Miner a Collabim. Marketing Miner is a data mining tool for online marketers specializing in SEO, PPC, copywriting and link building. The analysis includes measuring search engine positions, keyword searches, indexation checking, mention monitoring, competitor analysis and more.
Quarterly, half-yearly and annual overview For more demanding customers, we also prepare individual reports with a complete overview and development of the set campaign. Free reports are always sent at the end of the year.