Website graphic design

We are a graphic design studio and digital agency that helps companies keep pace with innovation in online communication and graphic design. We specialize in graphic design for websites (corporate, product websites), including eshops and intranet solutions.

The goal of creating a competent graphic design of a website is to provide the basis for coding (html/css) and programming of websites. In the case of a new website, it is necessary to provide complete wireframes and site structure. The main indicator of the price of creating a graphic design of a website is its scope (sitemap). First of all, it is the total number of page types that the graphic designer has to design. In the case of a smaller scope, the price automatically decreases and vice versa. Our most frequent clients include manufacturing and technology companies that implement web presentations on external content management systems such as wordpress, joomla, drupal, as well as eshop solutions shoptet and UPgates and shopify.