Corporate publications

We are experts in the design and implementation of corporate printed materials, including complete graphic design and prepress preparation. Our main focus is the creation of corporate printed materials such as catalogues, price lists, manuals, brochures, business cards and annual reports. We are happy to help you with marketing communications to existing and new customers, including strategic planning. We have been involved in hundreds of projects for over 350 customers. Our most frequent clients include manufacturing and technology companies.

Graphic Design Union of the CZE

We are members of graphic design union of the Czech Republic (professional association of graphic designers and typographers of the Czech Republic) since 2014, because we care about the future of our field.

GDU actively promotes graphic design and principles of healthy cooperation between designers and their clients. Through lectures, seminars and articles in the press and on the internet they share their experiences, opinions and information and actively participate in discussions about the future direction of our profession.

We participate in debates about industry tenders and public competitions and offer a helping hand in organizing them, either through educational articles or direct consultations with contracting authorities who contact us.

Graphic studio services

We are a graphic studio and digital agency, which helps companies keep up with innovations in digital communication and graphic design. We specialize in creation of logotypes, visual identity and preparation of company publications such as catalogues, brochures and annual reports.

We are experts in marketing communication, with current and also new customers, including strategic planning. We have participated in hundreds of projects for more than 350 customers. When implementing a new project, we do not differentiate between large and small clients. We are proud to be able to work for brands that were there even under our grandfathers and give a face to those that will be there after us.

  • Marketing consulting
  • Trademark registration
  • Pre-printing preparation
  • Production assurance
  • Preparation of manuals
  • Professional translations
  • Legal advice