Packaging design

We specialize in packaging design and graphic label design. Part of the realization is the complete creation of a graphic concept including the preparation of print data for production. We can also design a product logo for your new product, apply specific technical labelling requirements and prepare 3D photorealistic visualisations.

The price for creating a new packaging design is based primarily on the scope and your requirements that need to be defined. The main factor in determining the final price is the number of required designs, the time required to create them and, above all, the number of graphic designers who will be dedicated to the job. The graphic design of a new cover is a more time-consuming matter and the deadline for processing is up to 14 days.


We specialize in the creation of packaging design and graphic design of labels. Part of the implementation is the complete creation of a graphic concept, including the preparation of print data for production.

We have participated in hundreds of projects for more than 350 customers. When implementing a new project, we do not differentiate between large and small clients. We are proud to be able to work for brands that were there even under our grandfathers and give a face to those that will be there after us.


- Creation of graphic design
- Photorealistic 3D visualization of the product
- Professional photography, photo montages, food styling, illustrations
- Ensuring production, quality control
- Consulting for business strategies
- Sales support / marketing
- Product photo
- Selection of materials and technologies with regard to the nature of production