Packaging design

Graphic cover design Pesto

We created the graphic design of the Pesto packaging grown aquaponically, in a pure natural way without added chemicals.

Aquaponics is growing plants in water, which combines fish farming in aquariums or ponds designed for this purpose. This method of growing plants without soil is much more effective than growing in conventional soil, because in the aquaponic system we can grow various vegetables such as salads, cucumbers , kohlrabi and others, but also fruits (strawberries, etc.) and various herbs.

Fish produce waste products that are needed for plant growth. Ammonia-polluted water from fish faeces is not good for fish, because ammonia is toxic to them and impairs their ability to absorb oxygen from the water. On the contrary, it is a great fertilizer for plants. Plants thus live simply on what fish exclude. Waste is therefore mutually used in aquaponics as a source of nutrients. By pumping water to the plant's root system, waste is removed and the water is purified. There is no need to use expensive biological filters, aeration or chemicals to keep the water in the tank or aquarium in balance.

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