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Promo video

The Kuřim foundry was built according to the project of the company LESTER B. KNIGHT ASOCIATES - CHICAGO on the site of the original engineering hall of the Brno Zbrojovka. Take a look at the company's promo video company that we provided. The foundry environment gives the video a wonderful atmosphere.

The production of castings for machine tools from the well-known Brno VAŇKOVKA with a long tradition of foundry production was transferred to the foundry. Along with production, a large number of qualified foundries, modelers and technicians were transferred to Kuřim, which created the preconditions for maintaining a high professional level of production in the new foundry. By 1960, production increased to 15,000 s / year.

In 1992, as part of the privatization, the foundry became independent and an independent company, Slévárna Kuřim, a.s.

The main strategic intention of the company's management is to maintain the character of a commercial gray and ductile iron foundry with an orientation towards the production of demanding castings for machine tools and other branches of industrial production and at the same time achieving the maximum share of castings exports to Western markets. To achieve this goal, great importance is placed on the innovation of production technologies.

Part of the realization
of a new video

  • creating a scenario / story board
  • filming at the client's headquarters, or according to a predetermined location
  • transport, including the provision of professional equipment
  • complete processing and editing of captured images
  • post-production / color adjustment
  • presentation and consultation of shots
  • format rendering and export
  • selection of suitable musical accompaniment
  • purchase a license to use music
  • incorporating music into video
  • transmission of complete data

Advanced video
extension options

  • creating custom music
  • motion graphics (moving subtitles)
  • providing professional actors
  • video language version
  • spoken commentary (voiceover)
  • marketing consulting
  • presentation of videos on social networks
  • accompanying 3d logo animation
  • aerial shots (drone)
  • rental of professional equipment
  • camera RED Epic-W 8K
  • lens Leica Summicron-C T2.0
  • lights Arri M90 HMI
  • drone DJI Inspire 2

Frequently asked questions and answers

Rendering, a commonly used and English variant of the word rendering, is the export of a real image (in our case also video) based on a computer model, most often 3D. Depending on the software, rendering contains many parameters and settings that can affect the final appearance of the final image.

  • We will ensure the placement of the finished video on the Internet
  • Including setting up a company account on youtube platforms, etc. 


  • We will select and arrange filming at a suitable location.
  • We always choose the location so that it perfectly underlines the atmosphere of the video.


  • We will provide suitable acting professionals for the video.

Czech commentary

  • Would you like to have a spoken commentary on the video?
  • We work with experienced professionals whose voices you may already know from the radio.

Foreign language commentary

  • We will be happy to provide the video in any language at your request.

  • If you know that a video will not always play with sound, we will prepare subtitles for you, which we will pass on in the necessary formats.
  • We will be happy to advise you on their use.
  • Captions can be created for any video and additionally.

  • We will be happy to listen to your requirements
  • We will create an interesting tailor-made scenario for you
  • We will process the variant you have chosen according to your comments
  • After its approval on your part, we will start the implementation of the project.

1 shooting day

  • One shooting day, we usually need so much to take all the pictures.
  • These are standard company, production and product videos in the final length of up to 2:00 min, in which the actors do not act.
  • Advertising videos or recruitment campaigns require two to three shooting days due to their complexity.

2 shooting days

  • For a more demanding project, we will divide the shooting into two shooting days, exceptionally three.
  • For example, this is a promotional video featuring actors.

Creation of 2D / 3D logo animation

  • Do you already have your own promo video, but is still missing something?
  • Are you looking for an imaginary icing on the cake that would add a touch to your video?
  • It wants a quality intro, or logotype animation from 321 Creative Crew!
  • Whether you need a logo animation to create a commercial, a website or a TV commercial - contact us!

Product visualization

  • Do you plan to introduce a new project or product to investors or clients, but so far you only have a vision and technical drawings?
  • But investors and clients will want more than just ideas and sketches.
  • They will want to see the finished product and they will want to see a serious presentation.
  • Our photorealistic product visualizations will help you convince any potential investor or customer and arouse interest in your product - write to us!

What is it?

  • The 4K resolution offers an even better, more visually detailed and higher quality format.
  • The 4K designation itself indicates the number of individual pixels of the horizontal arrangement - corresponding to the number of about 4,000 points.

What is it?

  • Shooting in HD quality is considered standard and the export of the format is always handled with the customer individually.
  • Its name is based on a horizontal resolution of 4000 px (pixels) standard 3840x2160 px
  • The most commonly used 16:9 resolution

Creating musical accompaniment

We specialize in the creation of corporate and product videos, which we combine with 3D animation, aerial shots, captivating music and motion accompanying graphics.

Custom music

  • selection of suitable musical accompaniment
  • purchase a music license to use
  • incorporating music into video
  • creating custom music

Motion graphics

  • It is a transition between static graphics and animation.
  • These are graphics embedded in real shots.
  • Originally static elements are agitated and often additionally sounded.
  • Video and moving images, which have dominated audiovisual promotion in recent years, record the phenomenon of "moving graphics".

Accompanying graphics

Motion graphic design has become a natural part of graphic design and is used in almost all forms of audiovisual promotion. Shabby captions, subtitles and ordinary texts come to life.

What's going on?

Video post-production is the most important part of the film production process, which begins immediately after filming. You can see how it goes in this sample video.

What does it contain?

  • Video editing (compositing) - sorting / selection of shots - rough editing
  • Music background and sound effects
  • Final video editing according to music
  • Motion graphics and texts - adding logos, texts, etc.
  • Image coloring - color correction of the image
  • Final render / export - upload to vimeo (most often MOV or MP4 with h264 codec)

What's going on?

Video editing is another part of the filmmaking process that begins as soon as filming is complete.

What does it contain?

  • video editing (compositing) - sorting / selection of shots - rough editing
  • music background and sound effects
  • final video editing according to music
  • motion graphics and texts - adding logos, texts, etc.
  • image coloring - color image correction
  • final render / export - upload to vimeo (most often MOV or MP4 with h264 codec)

Filming day

  • Filming video at the client's headquarters.
  • Video shooting according to a predetermined location outside the Czech Republic.
  • Transport, including the provision of professional equipment.
  • Acquisition of complete shots.


  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4
  • tripod
  • slider
  • lights
  • set of lenses
  • fly cam


  • 3 CZK/km (outside Brno, Prague)