Product video

Handmade glass KVĚTNÁ

Glass production in Květná is presented in a new product video. Directly in the production plant, we filmed the story of the creation of handmade glass products with a tradition dating back to 1794! From design, mold making, casting and blowing, grinding, to hand decorating. Splendor!

In the Květná glassworks, it produces only soda-potassium glass by traditional methods in ladle furnaces. The entire range consists of blown, hand-shaped products without lead additives, which guarantees complete health safety. The assortment consists of more than two thousand types of products in various color combinations (possibility of melting 15 types of colored enamels) and this assortment is constantly expanded according to the wishes of customers. All products can be delivered smooth or decorated.

It uses all available methods of decorating glass according to its own designs or according to customer requirements. The standard is high quality products, which are traditional for the glassworks and which it sells all over the world. The logo with the historical K denotes the highest quality of the current production, whose authors are designers of such well-known names as A. Brunovský and others. Jean-Marie Massaud.