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Corporate video producer ARKYS

ARKYS, s.r.o., has been operating on the Czech market since 1997. During its existence, it has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of wire cable trays in the Czech Republic.

Cable tray manufacturer, line 1One of our great business advantages is the fact that we do not rely on any subcontracting in the production of cable trays. We carry out the entire production of gutters and their accessories, including the final time-consuming surface treatment by galvanizing, using our own technologies. Our zinc plant is one of the most modern galvanic lines in the Czech Republic.
An important milestone for us was the year 2010, when we completed a modern automated production line with high production capacity for the production of innovated gutters type MERKUR 2. Manufacturer of wire cable trays, line 2With this fact we are able to respond very flexibly to our customers' requirements and often ship large orders in very short periods of time.
We have expanded the proven and long-proven MERKUR cable tray system with the MERKUR 2 system, which is based on many years of experience and reflects new requirements for optimization and efficiency of its use. Like its predecessor, it is intended for the implementation of cable routes for high-current, light and motor distribution, low-current distribution, measurement and control distribution and other similar purposes.