Production companies


In 1992, Josef Dvořák founded the company Josef Dvořák-IZOPOL with its registered office in Dolní Poustevna. From the beginning, the production program was focused on the production of a basic range of insulation materials from polystyrene and polypropylene.

We have implemented a corporate website for the IZOPOL company, including language versions, we are also the creators of a complete marketing strategy and implementers of product and advertising materials.


Production of polystyrene IZOPOL

MANUFACTURER OF POLYSTYRENE AND POLYPROPYLENE - the company IZOPOL DVOŘÁK, s.r.o., which is one of the traditional Czech producers of insulating and packaging materials. Among other things, we posted the resulting video on the company's new website, which we also created with great pleasure. You can visit the site here.

3D modeling / visualization of a new product

Demonstration of 3D modeling of a structurally complex product made of polypropylene, which demonstrates the quality of its products that the most important manufacturer of packaging fittings from EPS and EPP in the Czech Republic is able to achieve. And so that this product does not have to be sent for demonstration around the world, we have created these 3D models, including animation.

The project included texturing and rendering and video animation of the use of the product.